A company founded by a group of professionals working with designers, architects, customers and contractors.
Our goal is to help equipment manufacturers work with design organizations and clients in the Siberian Federal District and the Far Eastern Federal District.
Our best qualities
Our specialists have been working in active sales in the object business for 12 years
Work has been carried out on more than 150 objects
We have implemented projects with the cost of equipment from 500,000 rubles to 480 million rubles.
We work with leading design institutes and bureaus in Siberia and the Far East
We are chosen by: Norilsk Nickel, Rosneft, Ilim Group, Polymetal, RusDragMet, Polyus Gold, SUEK, RusAl and many others
Maximum return
We get great pleasure from our work, which brings excellent results to our partners
We are becoming more professional every day, so that our partners are confident in our competence.
Equipment Manufacturers
We use only the active sales method in our work.
Promotion of the brand and product at the "P" stage, on the market of construction companies, as well as at industrial enterprises and social facilities.
Design institutes, architectural bureaus and design studios
We develop solutions and help with their implementation in projects.
Preparation of technical specifications, technical solutions, drawing sections, providing estimates.
Industrial enterprises and social facilities.
Solving current engineering problems, implementing progressive solutions, optimizing the production process.

• Search for qualified employees

• Remuneration of labor

• Costs for equipped workplaces

• Rent and maintenance of premises

• Time! (search for an employee – 1 year, introduction to the position – 6 months, starting work on the result - after 1 year from the moment of the device)


• Ready-made project sales departments in the region of Siberia and the Far East

• Exclusivity of the product presentation

• Database of design institutes and bureaus

• Many years of experience working directly at the facilities, which allows you to solve complex tasks in a short time

• Operational work with remote territories

• Transparency of reporting on the work performed

• Accounting System (CRM)

What is included in the offer
Project sales department consisting of three people in each region
Unlimited number of specialist visits to the customer within the main city in the region
Active search for clients among designers, construction companies, direct customers
The possibility of an operational business trip to cities in the area of responsibility
Maintaining a database in CRM (cold calls, presentations, meetings)
Organizing and conducting marketing events
Market analysis (proposals for development, optimization)
Using an integrated approach to the implementation of the task, you save money and increase the coverage of the territory by 3 times.
  • Norilsk
  • Abakan
  • Bratsk
  • Irkutsk
  • Ulan-Ude
Krasnoyarsk + Novosibirsk
  • Omsk
  • Tomsk
  • Altay
  • Barnaul
  • Kemerovo
  • Khabarovsk
  • Blagoveschensk
  • Magadan
  • Kamchatka
  • Sakhalin
Contact us
Tel.: +7 391 292 44 41
E-mail: 24сpr@mail.ru
Web: https://24cpr.ru
Instagram: 24cpr
Skype: tel2924441
Address: 660118, Krasnoyarsk, Severnoye shosse, 7 V / 2

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